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Commercial Aluminum Roofing – Chicago & Chicagoland

Commercial Aluminum Roofing Chicago

The commercial aluminium roof is the crown of any construction. It not only adds a gleam and brilliance to a structure, but it also ensures that the structure withstands the test of time. Roofs are the first to come into contact with any form of precipitation and an inferior roof can not only weaken the structural integrity, whether residential or commercial, but it can also cause leakages, making living or working in such any structure, strenuous.

Depending on the usage, there are different types of roof coatings; Silicone, Solar, and Aluminum to name a few. Ideal for flat roofs, Aluminum coatings are a go-to option for flat roofs.

Apart from being durable, Aluminum coatings are:

Aluminium Roof 2

Malleable and waterproof

Aluminum is very malleable, which means that this type of coating can be “spread out”. This will ensure two things: one, this will make sure that you don’t fall short of, or have an excess of the coating, meaning the coating will fit perfectly. Two, because of its high malleability, it can be bent to cover areas that are a little tricky which also means that you can customize a pathway for precipitation. In addition to that, the coating is waterproof, which is the very first necessity to a well-built roof.

Aluminium Roof 3

Keeps the heat away!

Aluminum, by its very nature, is a reflective metal. This means that it will reflect the sun’s rays into the atmosphere which will, in turn, protect the structure from heating up. It will also protect a flat roof from heat cracks. The benefits of this are two-fold: one, it will save money on excessive use of air conditioning; two, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on roof repairs.

Aluminium Roof 4

Cost versus benefits

The aluminum coating is value for money. A roof without any coating will have to be repaired often thus, a lot of money needs to be spent on leaks and broken shingles. A coated roof makes back the money it cost in very little time.

Who Can Opt For Commercial Aluminum Roofing Coating?

You have spent a huge chunk of change on a new home or office and have chosen the best of what you can. However, the structural integrity of the entire building will be compromised if the roof is weak or inferior. In such instances, investing in an aluminum coating is the wisest option.

Sometimes the roof that we have had for ages stops performing. A leaky roof, rot, or an appearance of unwanted growth such as moss, mold, and fungi are some sure-fire ways to identify a damaged roof. Such roofs will work wonders if paid the right attention to in the form of appropriate coatings, such as aluminum.

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Why opt for Aluminum Roofing coatings?

Contemporary buildings have let go of shingles and because of that, architects opt for flat roofs because they look modern and minimal. Such roofs are high maintenance and can heat the entire structure on a sunny day and for that reason, one has to either forgo the style for benefits or vice versa. However, if one opts for an aluminum coating, it will ensure that the structure stays cool and lasts far longer than it would without any coating at all.

Aluminum Roofing coatings are a budget-friendly option!


Aluminum coatings are very cost-friendly. A damaged roof, if repaired, will cost one a fortune and will need to be repaired again in a short span, however, investing in an aluminum coating, will prolong the life of your roof to the extent that you will end up saving money. Generic and constant repairs will not come with the added benefits of an aluminum coating.

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Why Gold Standard Commercial Roofing for your Aluminum Roofing Project?

We know the “top” like no one else and, best of all, we believe in quality and partnership. All our technicians are fully licensed and insured and more so than most, we maintain liability insurance to protect your structure. We understand how important your houses and other properties are to you and your business and we know the damage a faulty roof can cause. Therefore, we will ensure that the roof is installed correctly and that all manufacturer warranties are in full effect. We are a certified Angie’s List member and we provide a service warranty in addition to any manufacturer’s warranty with the purchase of any contract through Gold Standard Commercial Roofing.

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