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CertainTeed Roofing Chicago & Chicagoland

CertainTeed Roofing

CertainTeed Roofing Products We Use:

CertainTeed is a brand we trust and this is why you will see Gold Standard Commercial Roofing  regularly using products from this company. Here are some of the best products from CertainTeed that we use for commercial roofing projects in the Chicagoland area:

Flintlastic SA

Smart Flash One

Flintbond Trowel

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Flintlastic SA

The Flintlastic SA is an SBS modified Bitumen roofing membrane that is self-adhering and very useful in low-slope roof applications. You can choose Flintlastic from a variety of colors. The surface is made from minerals. There are more than 10 colors available and choosing among them is all about the project and its specifications.

The Flintlastic SA is further divided into individual products:

Flintlastic SA NailBase (12 Years warranty)

Flintlastic SA PlyBase (15 Years warranty)

Flintlastic SA MidPly (20 Years warranty)

Flintlastic SA Cap

Flintlastic SA Cap FR**

The best thing about Flintlastic SA is that it provides the protection of traditional modified bitumen without the labor or equipment.

The benefits of using Flintlastic SA are:

No requirement for torches

No requirement for specialized training

Easy application

Low disturbance to the tenants

Certainteed 2

Smart Flash One

The Smart Flash One is a waterproofing resin from CertainTeed. The one-part seamless polyurethane bitumen waterproofing resin is effective at flashing built-up roofing (BUR) or low-slope modified bitumen. 

Certainteed 3

Smart Flash One is very effective at sealing cracks or “flashing” on steep slope roofs. Once the resin dries, it forms a durable membrane that becomes an extension of the roof.

This product was developed by CertainTeed as an alternative to traditional penetration flashings. With traditional flashing requiring recurring maintenance and inspection, Smart Flash One was developed to be durable and long-lasting.

The product is developed in such a way that there is no primer missing process. Smart Flash One can be used right out of the box without using any additives or primers. This cuts the work for contractors, reduces overall labor, and speeds up the roofing process. The remaining resin can be sealed up and reserved for future projects.

Another reason why we choose Smart Flash One is because of the confidence that CertainTeed has for its product. The Smart Flash One package comes with a 20-year warranty, and to make things even simpler, you get it as an all-in-one package with all the tools and accessories.

Flintbond Trowel

The FlintBond SBS Modified Bitumen Trowel is an adhesive created from rubber, asphalt, fibers, and solvent. This product was developed to be used with modified bitumen membranes, ply sheets, and base sheers. FlintBond is great at repairing or flashing both SBS modified membranes and conventional roofing. A major incentive for Flintbond products is that they are applied to roofs that see or are exposed to high traffic on the surface.

Prior to installation, the requirements for the most optimal application is to have a dry, clean roof that is free of debris, but also a roof that has an exceptional drainage system as well. Our highly trained and certified Certainteed roofing installers at Gold Standard Commercial Roofing will survey and prep the surface they’ll be working on and get the products ready for use so that after the application seals, it will become waterproof on most roofs overnight. This particular FlintBond product is absolutely amazing at preventing any kind of water leakage, and bonds so well to many different roofing applications. Many of these include the modified bitumen membranes, base sheets, and many different styles of ply sheets. Perfect for our Chicago CertainTeed Roofing contractors.

Certainteed 4

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