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Design-Build Construction Chicago & Chicagoland


Take advantage of the cost and time-saving benefits of the full-service design-build offerings from Gold Standard Commercial Roofing. As one of the few construction companies in the Chicagoland area with an in-house design firm, Gold Standard Commercial Roofing offers the unique opportunity to maximize your savings and simplify the construction process for any project you may be facing.

Our talented architecture and construction teams work closely together to ensure that communication is streamlined and they work in tandem to bring you value-engineered solutions throughout your project. Contact us today to learn more about our Design-Build service at Gold Standard Commercial Roofing!


The Design-build approach has been around for thousands of years and has produced steam in the modern construction age. Did you know that design-build was used in the construction of sites such as the Parthenon, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Florence Cathedral? 

A design-builder is the person or entity that provides design and construction services under a single design-build contract. This contract outlines the agreement between the owner and the design-builder to provide architectural, engineering, and related design services as well as the labor, material, and associated construction services for the project while still focusing on quality, cost, and speed of delivery.

Because there is only one contract, the design-builder sees the project through from the initial design concept to construction completion, carrying single-source responsibility. The design-builder is fully responsible and accountable for delivering all aspects of the project, including identifying any problems or issues, pinpointing the underlying causes, and correcting them. They are also responsible for managing all contracts with other companies, including subcontractors, materials providers, and equipment vendors, relieving that responsibility from the owner. Due to this efficient model, the design-build process is a favorite of many construction firms, including our team at Gold Standard Restorations!

Discover The Design-Build Process At Gold Standard Commercial 

At Gold Standard Commercial Roofing, the design-build process initially begins with procurement. There are generally five steps in our design-build process.

Determination : The Owner decides to utilize design-build for an upcoming project and establish a technical review or owner committee

Request for Qualifications (RFQ) : The owner’s representative develops the qualifications package and publishes the notice of the request

Request for Proposals (RFP) : After evaluating qualifications and determining the highly qualified design-builders, the owner submits a request for proposal

Qualitative Selection : Upon receiving proposals the owner’s committee reviews and evaluates, scoring each according to the pre-determined criteria package

Award : With the scores from the technical review committee, the owner notifies the winning design-builder


Once the procurement phase is completed and a design-builder has been selected, the execution of the design-build project commences. The design-builder works closely with the owner to continue to learn more about their design-to-budget priorities, needs, and project objectives.

Once the project is substantially complete, the design-builder will conclude with a hand-off which typically includes a final walk-through, the transfer of plans and documentation, and any necessary training on building systems.

The Benefits Of Design-Build

Based on recent reports, design-build accounts for nearly 40% of non-residential design and construction. We here at GSR have won the coveted BBB’s Torch Award for Ethics because we will give you the rate of your project, the time it will take, and best of all, we do not beat around the bush giving you this information; which we are known for. The design-build project delivery method hosts many benefits over others, most being that traditional delivery approaches:


Owner Risk

The owner has ONE contract with the design-builder and the entity has sole accountability for results and performance guarantees. The design and construction team members are contractually obligated to work together to meet constructability within the available scope and budget. The design-builder has the risk for project completion with no change orders within the agreed scope of work. The elimination of change orders is significant in the deletion of unexpected costs and delays.


Higher Quality

Owners typically work more closely with the design-builder to ensure the project is met to their expectations. Sole accountability with the presence of an ongoing owner and also including team collaboration ensures that there are fewer gaps throughout the design and construction process.



Because the designers and contractors are working together throughout the process, there are fewer changes, fewer claims, and less litigation. Project costs are known much earlier in the process and change orders are limited to owner requested scope changes.

Learn More About Design-Build Services At Gold Standard Commercial Roofing! 

If you are interested in learning more about the design-build services that we provide, reach out today to speak to a qualified team member. We are more than happy to walk you through the entire process to help you create a strategy for your upcoming project!

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