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Commercial Roof Energy Audits Chicago

Commercial Roof Energy Audits: Where Expertise Saves You Money


Most commercial roofing contractors in Chicago know the last thing you need is to lose business productivity and revenue over constant roof issues. With Gold Standard Commercial Roofing as your trusted roofing services provider, you can rely on our experience servicing millions of square feet of roofing across our region.

Give our team a call today to learn more about our unique energy audit services for commercial properties in Chicago and Chicagoland. Every roof has a life cycle, and at some point, becomes beyond repair. Our team of commercial roofing engineers will do a comprehensive survey of your roof, including an existing conditions photo report, and provide a value-engineered roofing solution that fits your budget, energy concerns, sustainability strategy, and business priorities.

Roof Energy Audits and Analysis

Your roof can be your best defense or your greatest enemy when it comes to rising energy costs. In the current market, businesses and building owners are under increasing pressure to push profit margins ever wider while maintaining a climate-friendly attitude. That’s why smart facility managers are looking upward for savings — and finding them embedded in their roofing systems. 

There are many considerations when it comes to determining the right roof for your commercial enterprise, and chief among them are differences in terms of energy efficiency. For instance, the most energy-efficient roof in one region of the country might not perform as well elsewhere. To make an informed buying decision, you need to know your roof’s rate-of-heat transfer, which depends on numerous factors, including the type and amount of insulation, the degree of reflectivity, and even the ceiling material. That’s why Gold Standard Commercial Roofing offers a roof energy audit and analysis report as a recommended service for your residential or commercial property. We can assess your current roofing solution for its ability to save on energy costs. Further, by comparing various roof types against regional weather demographics, we can accurately estimate your energy usage over the next 20 years. Imagine what that kind of knowledge can do for future forecasting and budget

Learn More About Our Energy Audit Services

A Strategy That Saves Energy And Money

At the completion of our energy audit, we’ll give you a detailed comparative analysis of at least two different types of roofs. We’ll show you the initial costs to install the roofs, and we’ll project the long-term energy costs for each option. We use multiple factors, such as your building’s interior temperature, the number of sunny days in your region, the type of fuel you use for heating or cooling, and projected fuel inflation rates.

Selecting the Right Roofing System To Increase Your Savings

See if this sounds familiar: In an effort to save in the near term, you select a roofing system that’s the least expensive. And for a short time, you’re very happy with the decision. Then monthly heating or cooling costs begin to flood in, and you discover the least expensive option has become the most. That’s why it’s essential to compare installation costs with the long-term expenses associated with different roof systems. Low initial costs can result in higher maintenance fees, increased energy usage, and shorter overall roof life.

Make The Most Informed

Armed with our energy audit results, you can make an informed decision based on roof performance and lower utility costs. Quantifying the total life-cycle cost of your roof offers you the best long-term value and savings. Our team at Gold Standard Commercial Roofing is committed to helping you get the best roof for your money.

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Our passion is to help our customers achieve peace of mind and a larger budget. To find out more about our energy audit services, call us today! For more helpful tips and updates from Gold Standard Commercial Roofing, sign up for our updates and information newsletter. When you follow our latest information, you can stay up to date with the latest information from our team of roofing and energy efficiency experts. 

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