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Gaco Roofing Chicago & Chicagoland


Gaco Commercial and Industrial Roof Coating Systems

Gaco provides a high-quality roof coating system that fits ideal on all flat roofing types. We, highly recommend our Gaco roofing products. Gold Standard Commercial Roofing offers silicone elastomeric coating that can be applied over your existing roofing system. The beauty of this system is that it allows you to recover your compromised roof system, rather than removing it and installing a new roof entirely.

If your commercial or industrial roof is showing signs of mold, water leakage, or just wear and tear, a Gaco coating may be the perfect money-saving solution for your roof!

Why Should You Coat Your Roof with Gaco?

Our team of certified experts will inspect your roof to determine if Gaco will be an effective solution for your roofing needs. For any leaks, crack, punctures, or anything of that nature, a Gaco coating will be the perfect solution for your business needs and repairs.

Benefits of using Gaco

Protection Against Water : Gaco roof coating always fixes all the issues of water ponding because of its good quality material. Water damage from ponding and severe weather can be a serious problem, causing leaks and mold or mildew growth. This silicone coating is 100% waterproof and will also provide preventative solutions for your roof.

Prevent Leakage : When applied accurately and correctly, this roof coating can permanently protect your roof and ceiling from the harmful damages of leaks. Gaco roof coating removes all types of moistures in your roof, which is why it is waterproof.

Suitable For Any Roof Type : It can be used on flat and sloped roofs, as well as small or large buildings. Gaco Roof Coating is ideally suitable for every roof type, design garage, large or small sloped commercial roofs, or even your building apartment roofs. Gaco roof paint will work for them all!. It is made up of different roofing materials, such as TPO, PVC, and Modified Bitumen.

Sun Protection : The sun’s rays will inevitably degrade a roof over time. White coating on roofs, however, will reflect the sun and UV rays. A silicone coating will also reduce costs on roof maintenance, as well as costs on controlling room temperature. At the same time, less energy is wasted in controlling the temperature inside the building.

No More Mold : Adding a silicone coating naturally prevents mold growth preventing the moisture to pass through its layer.

Increasing Life Time Value : Applying the Gaco coating when necessary will prolong the life of your commercial roof, reducing roof repair or replacement costs.


The Benefits Of Silicone

Gaco Roof Coating is made from silicone and it outlasts other roof coating materials, such as acrylic, and asphalt coatings. Silicone coatings are manufactured to last as long as possible.

Gaco Application : Gaco Roof Coating is not difficult to apply. Silicone coatings also have a higher solids content than other coatings, so it can be applied in one single coat, making the application process quicker and easier!

Resistant : Gaco Roof Coating is very flexible, which helps it remain resistant to pressure or exerting forces without cracking or leaking.

Certified : Gaco Silicone roof coating is certified to NSFP151: the Environmental Protection Agency’s drinking water regulations or advisories.

Gold Standard Commercial Roofing proudly offers Gaco Silicone Coating with a manufacturer warranty! Our company is one of the leading commercial and industrial roofing contractors in the United States that can assist you with any commercial or industrial roof coating system in the Chicagoland and metro Illinois areas. Call us today!

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