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Commercial Metal Roofing Chicago & Chicagoland

Commercial Metal Roofing Chicago


For centuries, metal roofs have benefited societies across the globe. They have stood the test of time and are not only easy to maintain but the installation process is simple and quick. Metal roofs can be traced back to the Renaissance era and so much further, for example, St. Mary’s Cathedral; being a copper-based roof installed in 1280 A.D. it still stands and continues holding strong. Of course with proper maintenance and care, many different styles. Commercial metal roofing will stand through decades, if not centuries.

While a bit more expensive during the installation and manufacturing process, commercial metal roofs can range from many styles, anywhere from corrugated galvanized steel and stainless steel for extra harsh conditions to copper-based material or even aluminum. While aluminum or even materials made with a blend of zinc, aluminum, and silicon-coated steel may seem like a less durable substance to use for something like a roof, all of these also go through strict manufacturing codes before they are released for sale or production. With that in mind, many styles are made from recyclable materials not only introducing the “green solution” to your business but can also be used for tax credits.

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What benefits are you receiving when installing metal roofs especially in such a windy and rainy state as Illinois? Just to name a few, not only are a multitude of these styles lightweight but, as mentioned before, they are made from recycled materials, promoting a cleaner environment as close as the next block down the street. Most, if not all of these different categories of material, are also fire-retardant and very energy efficient. Something as light as aluminum is extremely reflective which helps reverse UV rays coming down on a sunny day which, in turn, saves on cooling the building through air-conditioning. Stainless steel or general metal sheets, if installed properly with the insulation below it, help to reverse heat leaving through the roof and sending it back into the workplace.

All of this brings us to the installation process which can often be the most costly of the entire endeavor. Unlike many other styles of roofing, metal roofs are more quickly installed because of their lightweight features, the seamless and smooth way they are produced, and because of, simply, how common they have become. With aluminum being one of the most used products in this trade, it can be easily installed and benefits the building in many ways, a few being the resistance to corrosion over time and longevity of the material (anywhere from 20-50 years). However, even with a more hardened metal like stainless steel, it can be introduced in a more “weathered” area and still bring many of the specifics in metal roofing, including the ease of installation.

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Many of these products are also coated with factory-applied coatings and, while they degrade over time, there are many commonly used repair methods to help restore all of these materials. Some include waterborne acrylic and rubberized aluminum to polyurethane and many, many more. However, while most of these materials are subject to rust or corrosion, as all metals are, regular maintenance and proper cleaning, including annual inspections are highly suggested. Even something as lightweight as aluminum can last up to 50 years or longer. Depending on your choice of roofing, many preferred methods of cleaning include steam cleaning and pressure washing.

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At Gold Standard Commercial Roofing, not only do we have expertise in installing metal roofing systems but also handling any repairs, maintenance, or restoring (rather than replacing) your roof back to nearly new with an amazing look. We take pride in helping your business stand out against your competition with a durable, beautifully crafted roof that will last for years to come. With our accomplished, expert team of installers and our fantastic customer service, Gold Standard Commercial Roofing wants to be your preferred commercial roofing contractor not only for your current project but many others to come.

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