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Commercial Modified Bitumen Roofing Chicago

(Modified Bit Roofs)


What is Modified Bitumen Roofing?


Also known as Modified Bitumen Roofing (MB), this style of roof has been in use since the 1960s and has endured the test of time. A very close relative of built-up roofing (BUR), MB has been proven to last through some of the most extreme weather conditions. Our Chicago modified bitumen roofing includes five layers of protection and insulation, making it one of the most reliable roofing styles.

Beginning with built-up roofing, also known as “tar and gravel” because of the way the roof gets installed, this particular type of roof has been in use in the United States for more than 100 years. This style of roof has alternating layers of bitumen and reinforced fabrics that create a finished membrane that is highly pliable and very resistant to many different kinds of weather. This type of design was built in the 1870s using very coarse asphalt and tar that, over the years, has become refined to not only benefit the roofing industry but increase the speed of production, helping save money and complete projects much faster.

After many decades of improvement and careful advancements in the formulas created for built-up roofs, a substance known as Modified Bitumen or “MB” was developed. This new improvement originated in the 1960s in Europe and finally made its way to the United States around 1975 and has been a tried and tested use of commercial roofing since then. 


Gold Standard Restoration uses insulation to provide thermal resistance and temperature stability to help control the heating and cooling elements within your building, starting with insulation covering the existing roof. Of course, with many other styles of low-slope or flat roofs, this will also help with the cost of utilities. The insulation is then covered with modified base sheets; a saturated or coated piece of felt mainly used as the first layer. Following that is the modified bitumen membrane, which is composed of a copolymer made with both polyester and fiberglass, helping make MB a flexible material. Binding all of this together is the next layer, a waterproof adhesive that can be applied either with hot or cold methods. This helps greatly in all seasons in case the weather outside is below average, and repairs must be made or in the heat when newer buildings are being built more often.

Last but most certainly not least is the surfacing layer. This final layer is devised of a very protective UV repellant that helps with reflecting the sun’s rays on a hot day and save your company money with the cooling of your office space. Better yet, in the colder seasons around our area, this helps keep the heat inside lessening the heating cost as well. Another fantastic benefit is this last surfacing layer is composed of a very protective, weather-resistant material that will always help with drainage on a rainy day or help with snowmelt upon assisting with many other forms of resisting the elements.

Modified Bitumen Roofing has many more benefits to offer besides the ease of production and installation. For example, other styles of MB can be rated for fire, wind, and hail protection, depending on the location of your building. If the company’s budget is a concern, most modified roofing is very inexpensive to manufacture. MB has a long and proven track record that comes with this style roofing,  and we will be able to work with you and your company to bring a strong, stable, and reliable roof that will withstand not only the elements but the test of time.


With Gold Standard Restoration, you can have the peace of mind knowing you have a dependable company that will accomplish whatever it is you need.

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