Mule-Hide Commercial Roofing Contractor Chicago IL
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Mule-Hide Commercial Roofing Chicago & Chicagoland


Trusted Mule-Hide Commercial Roofing Systems

Mule-Hide commercial roofing systems have countless solutions for commercial roofs of every size and slope.

TPO and EPDM are two of the brand’s systems that Gold Standard Commercial Roofing (GSR) prefers to use for quality installations. Both of these single-ply systems are unique and have their benefits.

Mule-Hide is the ideal choice for any commercial roofing. Mule-Hide products are economical and straightforward to install, yet meet the stringent demands of today’s new construction or re-roofs of commercial, industrial, and buildings.

If you’re looking for a commercial roof in Chicago that will work with a strict budget, then Mule-Hide will be a perfect fit for you!

Extensive Warranty Program

Our Mule-Hide Roofing System offers Membrane Warranties, Standard System, and Premium Warranties. Mule-Hide offers you proven products as well as new and innovative products to meet the ever-changing needs of low-slope roofing.

Mule-Hide offers an extensive warranty program that brings you high quality and diverse product offerings with systems that meet the increasingly stringent code approvals and listings.

Benefits of Mule-Hide’s TPO Roofing:

Energy Efficient Roofs : Its surfaces reflect the sun’s rays and reduce air-conditioning expenses. The excellent reflectivity of TPO even reduces the heat build-up under the membrane.

Environment Friendly : Mule-Hide’s TPO provides excellent resistance to fire, UV, bacteria, and industrial pollutants such as air-conditioning coolant while being chlorine-free.

Strength : Mule-Hide is lightweight, making it ideal for commercially new construction and retrofit installations eliminating excessive weight to the roof deck. TPO can bear the desert sun, sand, and arctic freezes.

Flexible : Mule-Hide’s TPO membrane remains flexible in extremely hot and cold temperatures preventing any splits or cracks.

Repairable : Mule-Hide’s TPO membrane can retain a like-new appearance while being repairable year after year, allowing for ease of future cutouts.

Resistance : Mule-Hide’s TPO protects your building against numerous hazards and provides resistance from Fire, UV rays, Airborne Bacteria, Industrial Pollutants, Moisture, Extreme Cold Weather, and Cracks.


Mule-Hide’s EPDM

Mule-Hide, which is manufactured with superior quality material,  has a massive range of sheet sizes, lengths, and thicknesses with worldwide distribution channels.


Benefits of Mule-Hide’s EPDM

Reinforced EPDM Membrane : The Mule-Hide membrane is highly reinforced with sturdy polyester fabric for huge crack, tear, and puncture resistance ideal for mechanically attached systems.

Heat & Cold Resistant : Mule-Hide reflects the sun rays and cools the building interior and save the cost of energy.

Strength : Mule-Hide EPDM has fantastic tensile strength with lightweight integrity. Its lightweight feature makes it ideal for new construction and retrofit systems without adding excessive weight to the roof deck.

Flexibility : The Mule-Hide membrane is highly flexible. The layer remains flexible in hot and cold weather, meaning it will not split or crack in any condition.

Long Life : It provides excellent resistance to ozone and UV rays and can handle the antarctic coldness or the desert heat.

Mule-Hide’s PVC

To make your buying decision more comfortable, we’ve put together some necessary information about PVC roofing, so that you’ll gain more knowledge on what it is and how it can benefit your commercial property.

The Benefits of Mule-Hide’s PVC:

Chemical Resistant : Commercial buildings that deal with a substantial amount of chemicals would benefit from having a PVC roofing system. Why? The materials used in a PVC system are highly resistant to chemical damage.

Fire-Resistant : PVC roofing membranes are tough to ignite. If the layer is ever to ignite, once the source of the flame is removed, it will self extinguish.

Wind-Resistant : PVC roofing systems have superior wind uplift resistance because they are installed with heat-welded seams.

Water-Resistant : PVC is excellent at holding up to extreme moisture, making it a popular choice in wet climates.

Environmentally Friendly : PVC roofing, which is made up of highly reflective materials, can reduce energy demand as well as monthly heating (with insulation) and cooling expenses. Additionally, the vinyl used in PVC roofs can be recycled into new products, even after decades of use.


Finding an ideal commercial roof contractor in the U.S. can be frustrating. Gold Standard has a huge range of Mule-Hide commercial roofing products and aspires to earn your trust by completing every job above the gold standard.

To learn more about our commercial roofing services, contact Gold Standard Commercial Roofing today!

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