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1 our process

Helping you choose the right commercial roofing contractor!

Initial Consultation:

This is ideally done with a commercial roofing contractor who thoroughly understands the types of roofing that will be best for your building based on the building’s architecture, the kind of business that will eventually be conducted inside its walls, local weather patterns, and climate, energy efficiency needs, and the owner’s budget.

Thorough Inspection of the property

Measurement reports

Detailed photo reports

Core sample report and analysis (cut a small portion of the roof to verify what the composition is)

Research area and code requirements

Make recommendations and discuss with the customer

Develop a bid/estimate. Typically your bid/estimate will include the following items:

Project timeline and milestones

Permits/code requirements

Contractors and project roles

Materials and product pricing

Payment due dates and termination policy

Warranty information

Begin project – Safety preparations begin

Project Completion – Job Site scoured extensively for any remaining construction refuse.

2 our process
3 our process

How to Choose a Commercial Roofing Contractor

What To Look For

Knowing what to look for in a commercial contractor can help you make sure you choose the right one for your project. Below are a few pointers and a few tasks that can aid you in the decision-making process:.

Compare Contractors

Get bids from a few commercial roofing contractors and carefully compare their services.

Check out each of the commercial roofing contractors’ websites. Look at their about us page, their products, and services and if they are “certified” by the manufacturers. Also, look to see if they have won any awards.

Check their social media pages. Look at their social media and see if they are active ideally daily, but a few times at least shows they are engaged with their customers.

Check their customer reviews and testimonials. Look to see what others say about them. A few bad reviews shows that a company and their review are most likely real, but too many bad reviews may be questionable.

Check their contractor’s license with your local state licensing board for validity or complaints.

National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) Click here to see if they are an active member of the NRCA.

Better Business Bureau (BBB). Contact your local BBB to see if the contractor has any complaints registered against them.

Ask Lots of Questions 

Whether it’s Commercial Roof Maintenance, Commercial Roof Repair, a Commercial Roof Restoration, or a Commercial Roof Replacement, any of these can be quite costly. It would benefit you greatly to make sure you understand their entire process before you sign off on the job.

Be sure to ask some, if not all, of the questions below to ensure you understand the whole process Doing this can almost always prevent most surprises during your project.loo for damage, rot, and mold.

Does the contractor have general liability and worker’s compensation insurance?

This includes basic coverage for bodily injury, completed product liability, and medical payments.

How will they dispose of debris?

Make sure you understand the contractor’s disposal process and ensure you have it in writing, especially if they say they recycle.

Did they perform a thorough inspection before giving you an estimate or bid?

How about before they begin the project? A great contractor will perform a pre-bid inspection as well as before beginning the project to look for damage, rot, and mold.

4 our process
5 our process

Don’t ever feel rushed into choosing a contractor, even if your project is urgent. Taking the time to find the most qualified professional who understands your vision will ensure that your project will be completed the way you want it.

Click here for the NCRA’s Roofing Contractor Qualification Print Out. A printed reference sheet can help you assess the commercial roofing contractors you are considering.


Have more questions? Please give us a call, hit the chat button, or fill out the contact form to learn more about our Commercial Roof Replacement, Repair, Restoration, or Commercial Roof Maintenance Programs!