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Commercial Roof Maintenance Chicago & Chicagoland

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Commercial Roofing Preventive Maintenance

You wouldn’t take your car on a long drive and not change its oil without knowing the consequences if you hadn’t so why should your roof be any different?

The most cost-effective way to maximize your commercial roof performance and increase its average life is a proactive approach to preventive maintenance. Regardless of the type, every commercial property owner wants to get an ideal commercial roof system. Preventive maintenance is like an investment on your roof for the future and anything it may bring with it.

Commercial roof maintenance in Chicago is proper inspections or scheduled repairs of roofing components (debris, drains, water, etc.). It also includes any damage on your roof which always suggests a fix or a solution that needs to happen quickly.

There are many reasons why preventive maintenance is ideal for your commercial roofing. For example: 


1. You will see big savings on energy costs.

2. Your components will last longer.

3. Preventive maintenance saves a lot of money on expensive processes by preventing cutdowns.

4. Preventive maintenance should be implemented with greater flexibility than reactive maintenance.


Get To Know The Preventive Maintenance Process

Inspect The Sealant

Keep an eye out for sealant or caulking issues such as cracking, openings, deterioration, or crazing. Sealant failures are often found around penetrations and perimeter flashings. Sealant requires a regular proper inspection from roofing experts and usually has to be repaired.

Prevent Roof Leaks Before They Start

A proper roof inspection can identify the areas of deterioration that will require repair. Before they become major issues, repairing these small defects will save a lot of dollars in the long run.

Inspect The Roof Surface

Perform a visual inspection of the roof system. On single-ply roofs, inspect for holes, cracks. Inspect roof seams and transitions for cracks or holes and have them sealed.

Remove Debris

Debris, like loose gravel, dirt, and leaves, should be removed as soon as possible because if any of these remain over a long period of time, these can retain water. The constant moisture can damage the roof, promote the growth of algae and mold, and cause standing water to form.


It is recommended that your roof needs an inspection at least twice a year and at least once in the spring or fall. Your commercial roofing inspection should be the following:

  • Inspect drains and downspouts to make sure they are clear of blockage that will inhibit proper drainage.
  • Inspection of rooftop vents to make sure they are well sealed.
  • Any damage on your roof always recommends solutions.

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