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Commercial PVC Roofing Chicago & Chicagoland

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Roofing Systems

Commercial PVC Roofing Chicago

Why Choose Commerical PVC Roofing ?

PVC is one of the most highly used plastics around the world. The affordability, convenience, and downright durability of the many different types of it have made it a go-to substance for not just the roofing industry but also electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and so many other trades in the commercial and residential field. As mentioned before, Polyvinyl Chloride is not only an affordable material but also an incredibly durable type of plastic. It is manufactured as the “constant” of so many trades all over the nation. PVC comes as one of the cheapest materials to do almost anything with, including roofing and, because of that, PVC can be used as an amazingly sustainable material for flat or low-sloped commercial PVC roofs anywhere.

This particular product is very durable against many different elements and can withstand the test of time with proper maintenance. It is very easy to manufacture, but PVC is an amazing material for roofing because of its resistance to so many elements and its durability with foot traffic. The way that PVC is created is with a layer of polyvinyl chloride laid in two separate layers with a layer of polyester laid in-between these two, making it more flexible and easier to install. With the extra layer of polyester laid in between these two, this makes PVC, as a whole, more resistant to not only weather elements but also any kind of fire or water damage as well. 

The installation of PVC is also incredibly simple. While the process is very strict and several steps are included, a good company with plenty of experience with installing PVC will be able to turn it into a smooth and consistent operation. All roofs are made in a custom manufacturing plan and almost always custom made for each and every customer. When delivered on-site, they will flawlessly be fitted, and, when done correctly, PVC is heat-welded at any seam and pressed into place, therefore making it completely waterproof which will help prevent any leaks. The heat-welding installation process also ensures that your PVC roof is also fireproof.


Along with the life of the product, the proven and established characteristics of the manufacturing and the ease and reliability of PVC, the maintenance required to uphold this style of roof is very minimal. When properly installed by a reliable company, proper check-ups only need to happen as little as twice a year. Of course, after a severe storm, it is always recommended to get an inspection. With Gold Standard, you can have the clarity that whatever type of commercial PVC roofing you choose is going to be properly installed in a timely manner and know that your roof is going to last many years beyond.

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