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Commercial Roof Cleaning Chicago & Chicagoland

Benefits of Commercial Roof Cleaning

Preventive Maintenance

When you choose to clean the roof at specified intervals, you will be able to spot any damages to the roof before it turns into a safety hazard. Detecting any roof issues early helps you to repair the damage before it gets worse, and end up leading to a full roof replacement.

Prevents Moisture Buildup 

Cleaning the roof of your building serves two purposes as it removes waste and reveals where the roof may be failing or damaged.  The earlier you fix issues with the roof, the longer it is going to last.

Improves Roof Life 

Commercial Roof Cleaning in Chicago & Chicagoland costs you a fraction of the cost of a full roof replacement. By keeping your building’s roof clean, you are improving the life span of your roof. We often see roofs deteriorate much faster when they are poorly maintained or don’t undergo regular inspections.

Keeping the Workplace Much Safer

Cleaning the roof not only improves its performance but also makes it safer. In a commercial building, the roof covers both people and equipment in the building as well as protects them from the elements. A crack or a point of failure would compromise the whole structure, which in turn can cause harm to people and equipment inside the building.

Roofs are perfectly capable of handling moisture. However, the roof structure starts to damage if it experiences moisture for a prolonged period. Snow, leaves, hail, or any other debris can trap moisture between it and the roof can cause serious structural damage to your building’s roof, hence, regular roof cleanings are a must.


The longevity of a roof is dependent on how well it is maintained. Roof cleaning is a process that needs to be done periodically to keep your roof lasting longer. Our Roof Cleaning service is comprehensive and uses industry-leading cleaning techniques. When you choose Gold Standard Commercial Roofing, you get a completely hassle-free roof cleaning service.

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Hiring Experts

Hiring commercial roofing experts is critical not only for your roof but for the integrity of the structure for  your building. You need experts with vast commercial or industrial roofing experience for your project. With Gold Standard Commercial Roofing, you get trained, certified professionals on your job. We make sure that each step of the process is done with care and under expert supervision. The best thing is that you can have peace of mind that your project is handled by the best roofing experts in the Chicagoland.

Comprehensive Cleaning Process 

We pride ourselves on not cutting corners on any projects. We clean our customers roofs according to the highest roofing industry standards. With the cleaning process, we will provide you with crucial information about the current state of your building’s roof. If any repairs need to be done, we will notify you accordingly so that you can prevent points of failure on your building’s roof from developing into something that requires a very costly roof repair or roof replacement.

Safety for You & Us

Working on roofs has its challenges, especially when handling high-pressure washers and chemicals. This is why we are always adamant about a safety-first approach, it’s part of our company culture. Roofs that have not been cleaned for a while may seem fine but can be structurally weak, and putting more load on it can cause it to fail. This is why Gold Standard Commercial Roofing always starts with an initial inspection to make sure the roof can bear additional weight.

We Work with only The Best!

From our equipment to the operating and cleaning procedures, you can expect the best in the roofing industry. We provide our commercial clients with impeccable services. This is just a piece of what sets us apart from our competitors! Our commitment to the project, our great customer service, our ethics (we won the BBB’s Torch Award for Ethics), and our relentless efforts to provide the best results.

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