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Commercial Roof Replacement Chicago & Chicagoland


Commercial Roof Replacement Chicago

When Do You Need a Commercial Roof Replacement?

If you own a property of any kind, it is very likely you will eventually face the prospect of having to replace your Chicago commercial roof. Whether it is an age-related decline or sudden, unexpected weather damage, an expert roofing specialist can help you answer important questions such as:

  • How extensive is my damage?
  • What is the remaining life expectancy of my roof?
  • What kind of repair work should I expect to need?
  • How long will repairs take, and how much will they cost?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your property. A strong and stable roof protects individuals, families, and employees from the elements and offers a comfortable and confident daily life. The prospect of updating or repairing your roof can be overwhelming and leave you stressed. Before you make a rash decision, contact the roofing team at Gold Standard Restoration to learn about how a roof replacement in Chicago and Chicagoland can be better than you ever expected.

At Gold Standard Restoration, our mission is to make our customers comfortable with every step in the roofing process – from the first inquiry into an inspection to the final reveal of that brand new roof. Contact our team today and see why so many in the Chicagoland area trust the skilled contractors at Gold Standard Restoration.

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Get To Know The Roof Replacement Process

Roof Replacement 2
The Roof Assessment & Inspection:

The first step is to assess and inspect the current situation of your roof. A quick and easy roof inspection can be quickly completed by a team member who is skilled at giving you a clear and honest appraisal of your current roofing needs and whether or not a replacement is necessary.

Roof Replacement 3
Selection Of Roofing Product and Services

Following the inspection, our team will schedule an appointment to sit down with you and walk through the entire inspection and the recommendations of our contractors. Together, we will select the services that need to be completed and the products you wish to use – including the roofing material, colors, and pricing.

Roof Replacement 4
Price Estimate and Work Scheduling

Once we have landed on a product, price, and project together, we will work to schedule a time for one of our skilled contractor crews to come out and begin work on your property. Often, the owner is not needed to be present while the work is being completed.

Roof Replacement 5
Roof Removal Process

Before the new roof can be installed, the old roof will be carefully removed to prevent further damage and ensure that the materials underneath are ready for the new roof to be placed. Debris will be kept in a specific area to protect your landscaping.

New Roof Installation

First and foremost, sub-roofing materials will be installed to create a foundation for the new roof. This will include drip edges, ice and water shield material, and felt paper. Working from the bottom up, the new roof will be installed, including ridge vents, ridge caps, wall flashing, and chimney flashing installed as needed.

Clean Up & Final Inspection

Once the roof is successfully installed, a final inspection will be completed. After the materials and installation have been approved, the entire work site will be cleaned up to return the property to its previous condition. Our contractor team will notify you of the completion and finish any necessary paperwork.

Easy and painless, right? Ready to start? Contact the  Gold Standard Restoration today to learn more and get started!

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Tell-Tale Signs You Need A Roof Replacement

Wondering how to know if your roof is in need of a replacement? There are many tell-tale signs that your roof will give you that it is in need of repair. By paying attention to these common signs and issues, you can remain proactive on your roof maintenance, and avoid costly repairs down the road.

Roof Replacement 7
Roof Age

Take a look at the roof’s birth certificate. How old is it? Many roofing products are marketed to lasting up to fifty years, but many factors – including indoor climate and weather-related issues – can lead to a quicker deterioration of the roof.

Roof Replacement 8
Wear & Tear

An asphalt roof will see the grain that makes up the material wash off over time, giving a spotty appearance that can be a sign of age and wear. Over time, the protection the shingles provide will wear off and can lead to bigger issues. Be sure to take note of including the presence of the curling of your shingles. By rule, if more than 30% of your roof is showing signs of pronounced curling at the edges, it is time to replace!

Roof Replacement 9
Dark Stains

A lesser-known issue for roofs is the presence of airborne algae and bacteria that can cause dark streaks to begin to appear on your roof. Rest easy, as this does not usually impact the integrity of your roof. However, it can be an unsightly issue and can be another reason to consider updating, restoring or replacing your roof.

If any of the above issues are present, it is likely time to get a professional’s opinion on whether or not you need to repair your roof. Start the process with a quick and easy inspection with Gold Standard Restoration. Contact us today for more information!

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