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Commercial Roof Snow Removal Chicago & Chicagoland

Commercial Roof Snow Removal Chicago

Snow build-up on roofs can have multiple adverse effects on the roof. Snow build-up can increase the overall load on the roof of your commercial building, and after it passes a specific load limit, the structure might fail. There is also the issue of ice dam formation, which can create leaks and lead to roof deterioration.

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Commercial Roof Snow Removal Should Be a Priority

Many consider commercial roof snow removal in Chicago as an afterthought and they do not realize its importance until it’s too late. We recommend that you clean the roof for every 6 inches of snowfall. Of course, the exact safe load calculations can only be done after taking into account multiple factors associated with the current roof. 

Commercial and Residential buildings suffer alike from snow accumulation. In many worst-case scenarios, both types of roofs can collapse under the load of the snow. Make sure that you do not delay when it comes to removing snow from your roof. 

Get To Know about Roof Snow Removal

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Prevent Roof Snow Accumulation

In winter, snowfall in the U.S. can continue for several months. The roof of your building takes the full brunt of the snowfall and, over time, the amount of snow collected on the roof increases, thereby increasing the load on the roof. Roof Snow Removal Service removes the snow build-up from the roof.

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Prevent Ice Dams

An Ice Dam is a ridge-like structure that forms along the edge of a roof. It gets its name from the fact that the ridge acts as a dam and prevents the snow from draining off the roof. Melted ice can freeze again or seep into the roof, causing leaks and, over time, they can damage the roof.

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Reducing Load Amount on Roof

The roof, like any structure, has a limit on the load that it can carry. Dry snow is light and won’t damage the roof unless there is a large amount of it. However, wet snow is many times heavier than dry snow of the exact same volume. Roof cleaning gets rid of the excess weight, load and, as a bonus, the snow on the roof.

Flat Roof

Based on the slope of the roof, snow accumulation and the method of cleaning also changes. For example, flat roofs are more susceptible to collecting snow and are more prone to collapsing. However, they are more accessible and easier to clear.

Sloped Roof

Sloped roofs can withstand more snowfall as the snow starts to slide off with new snow coming in. However, they are less accessible and require special tools for snow removal.

We Can Do Them All!

Leave It To The Experts

Commercial snow removal can be tricky based on the slope of the roof and the type of roof. Having a thick layer of snow or ice dam makes it even more complicated. In such conditions, what you need is the right people and the right tools and, when you choose services from Gold Standard Commercial Roofing, you get both!

Our team of experts has been in the field for years. They are well equipped to handle any sort of situation that may arise during the process and, depending on the type and slope of the roof, the cleaning process also changes.

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At Gold Standard Commercial Roofing, we handle all kinds of snow removal projects.

Trust us with your roof and we will take care of the rest!


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Avoid Risks

Ice and snow can make any ordinary place a hazard zone, so, we never have anyone to do it by themselves. Cases on commercial roofs demand even more attention as the scale of the roof can escalate the risks associated with snow removal by a significant degree. 

Using a professional service like ours takes the burden of clearing the snow from your shoulders. With our impeccable track record in roof cleaning services, you can rest assured that the project is in safe hands.

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Best Quotes in the Business

Our services are priced in such a way that they are accessible and affordable. Quotes vary based on the amount of effort involved in a project. However, you can always expect our prices to be reasonable, and more importantly, fair. Contact us to learn more about our service and what we offer.

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