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Commercial Asphalt & Slate Shingle Roofing Chicago


Shingle roofing systems have and remain one of the major choices for commercial roofing because of their secure anchoring, their ability to withstand prolonged exposure to the sun, and affordability. Shingles have been used in many architectural designs and classic buildings. Shingles are now available in a variety of colors, textures, and shapes that will make your building aesthetically pleasing.

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Why Opt For Commercial Shingle Roofing?

Shingles are one of the most popular roofing choices across the globe. There is a good reason why this roofing still stands the test of time and is preferred by many.


Budget – Friendly

Shingles are very affordable! For Chicago and the suburbs, this is still one of the more affordable options for a roof replacement.


Fire Resistant

Certain kinds of Shingle roofs are known for their high fire-retardant property, which will help protect your building and help you to avoid a lot of fire damage if you install them. These roofs are very well capable of hindering ultraviolet radiation. You can stay safe when the weather is turbulent, as this roof can bear the brunt for quite a long time.


A Variety of Options

Shingle roofing can be accommodated in most construction designs. All credit to the variety of textures available. You can choose what suits your design the best, and your home will stand apart from many of the rest. Shingles are also available in different types of materials, and you can choose one after thoroughly evaluating whatever suits your property the best. Better yet, you can also choose between colors! Light color is recommended as it reflects the heat keeping your interiors cool and soothing, and you can save on your energy bill as well!

Types of Shingle Roofs

Roofing shingles are available in different materials to suit different needs and budgets. The most commonly used types include Asphalt and Slate. Other materials such as Cedar are also in demand for residential properties.


Asphalt roofing

These shingles are crafted out of organic material or fiberglass and are available in a variety of styles and colors. These shingles are high on waterproofing, which means your interiors will be saved from the leaking fury.


Slate Roofing

Slate shingles are a little more expensive than asphalt shingles. The reason is that these are highly durable, environmentally friendly, strong resistance to fire danger, and better yet last a long time. The durability of this style shingle makes it a great choice for many commercial and residential roofers looking to build a new covering or those looking for a quick repair in a time of need.

Why Gold Standard Commercial Roofing?

We are at your service for any type of roofing needs. Our craftsmanship is vouched for by many across the greater Chicagoland area and we will assist you with your roofing journey all the way to completion. Our experts are well trained, experienced, and they can help you find the best commercial roofing system for your needs. 

You can count on us to recommend and use world-class materials and all of our technicians are licensed and insured. We understand the great importance of your building’s roofing project and we’ll make sure that you are delighted with the quality workmanship that we offer!

Give us a call, hit the chat button, or fill out the contact form to learn more!

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