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Silicone Roofing System

Roofing is integral to any construction. Every strong structure needs a strong cover that keeps it safe from weather hazards and thereby increases the overall durability and strength of the entire construction frame. Whether it is a family housing construction plan or a commercial one, roofing is vital. The strength of the roof depends on the material used and that can very well decide the durability of the entire setup.

However, like all materials, roofing also degrades over time. Maintenance can be a costly affair based on the type of roof and its scale.

Silicon Roofing system is a thin membrane that coats the existing roof, preventing the elements from harming the roof. This prolongs the life of the roof, and keeps maintenance at bay.

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Time to invest in a Roof Coating

There are a lot of roofing options that you can choose from. There are good chances that every type will last you at least twenty years if you are vigilant enough to keep a check and regularly inspect for any leaks and repairs. You will know that your roof has given up when you see it all weary and every repair you make leads to another. Most of the time we miss up on major roofing decisions and we end up paying more than we should.

Silicone Roof Coating

Silicone in the roofing applications has proven its mettle and is being used on all the world-class structures worldwide. The process involves a layering of silicone membrane over spray polyurethane foam base. Silicone is derived from silicon metal and this is the second most commonly available element on earth. This means Silicone is available in abundance and the extraction cost is low too. So, this option is great for a tight budget.

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Why Silicone Coating?

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Silicone is one of the best roof coating choices due to the overall utility and durability that it adds to roofing systems. The coating creates a moisture-resistant seal, and this will enhance the life of your existing roof generously.

Adds to the performance

Roof coatings are liquefied polymers that are applied to your existing roof surface making it stronger and extends life by a considerable period. Roof coatings might look like another addition in the buildup cost, but if you analyze the decision over some time, it is an investment.

A silicone coating can add to the functionality of the roof by many folds. For starters, silicone is single component moisture cured and has been used in large scale industrial and domestic construction plans. The coating will provide a hundred percent moisture-proof layer to the roof. Also, silicone is solvent and petroleum-free making it easy on the environment.

You will be looking at lower energy costs

The silicone coating is known for its ability to reflect the sunlight. This will keep your place relatively cooler and you don’t have to pump up the air conditioning. There will be no heat buildup and you will be able to save on the bill as well. This coating is equally good for winters. Since the coating has no seams and fasteners, the heat does not escape, and you can give your heater some rest too.

Ease of Application

Any change in roofing might look like a big task and when you think of roof coating, you think of temporary relocation. Silicone roof coating is easy. The application is mainly done through a power washing machine which is less time-consuming. The coating is solvent-free that means it is a high-power fire retardant.

The process

The process is less time consuming and easy to understand. The coating process starts with washing and roof cleaning. The debris is removed to ensure the full value of the silicone roof system. Then a primer is applied. This makes sure that the silicone adheres to the substrate. Then the final step is the application of silicone, the topcoat will extend the life of the roof for a good 20 years.

Why Gold Standard Commercial Roofing?

For a newly constructed building, deciding on the roof is vital. You have to choose amongst all the durable material options that will be able to bear the brunt of the harsh weather condition. You choose a kind; you call your roofing partners and you are done. But do you know you are missing an important decision that will save you some mighty bucks and also keep the roof going for a long time?

We understand the importance of each roof that we power on. Our service speaks atop most of the residential and commercial buildings across the greater Chicago suburb and Crystal Lake. Our standard of excellence is powered with your vision and our craftsmanship speaks for itself.

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Every Project is important to us. We provide our guidance with high-class roofing material and you can contact us for all kinds of roof repair, roof replacement, and remodeling requirements. We understand that your home means a lot to you and we will be adding to its value. Feel free to contact us for your roofing needs!