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Commercial Solar Roofing Chicago & Chicagoland

Commercial Solar Roofing Chicago

We are living in an energy-conscious world. It has taken a while, but people have finally understood the value of renewable and environment-friendly energy sources. Since then, we have witnessed a surge in natural energy consumption modules with solar energy spearheading the movement. With all the research and technology at our disposal, it would have been a shame if we shouldn’t have found a way to keep our offices and homes glowing with the source of energy that is dependable. We did find a way, and it is the future!

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Premier Chicago Commercial Solar Roofing Systems

Solar roofs are one of the revolutionary ideas driven by solar technology. There is an amazing amalgamation of solar panels incubated within the roof set up, making it look trendier, and keeping the lights going. 

Solar roof tiles are slowly replacing conventional solar panels, and instead of adding panels to add to your existing setup, these solar tiles are part of the roof itself. Pretty ingenious, right?

Why Opt For a Commercial Solar Roofing System?

There is more than one reason to choose a commercial solar roofing system over conventional coating and roofing solutions. The reasons are pretty much obvious, and the evaluation becomes quite easy for the structure owner since there are many points to the pro side.

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Energy efficiency

Now you can be self-sufficient when it comes to energy generation and utilization. Every year people spend millions of dollars to clear out their energy bills and what is better than saving some bucks on yours. Solar panels will maximize energy production, and you can depend on them for your warm water and lighting needs.

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Quick Energy Generation

The utility-scale of solar energy is increasing each year. The reason is that sunlight is free and it takes a meager 8 minutes approximately for the sunlight to reach the surface. When the solar rooftop comes in contact with the first ray of sunlight, the energy generation begins. The energy will be readily available depending upon the type of solar cells in the panel, you will be able to increase the energy quotient magnificently.

Things to Look Out For Before Installing The Solar Roof

The idea of having an energy-efficient home has been driving more and more people to switch to this roofing option. Just like every other decision, you need to evaluate some basics before you opt for this one carefully.

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Can your existing roof support solar panels?

This is pretty much basic. If you want to incubate a solar panel layering over the roofing surface, you need to be sure that the roof is good enough to accommodate the change. You can get the evaluation done by giving a call to your roofing partner. You can also approach us to do a survey of the roof. We will guide you on the next steps.

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How much energy should I expect?

The solar roof’s energy generation is based on the efficiency of the solar cell, the area of coverage, and the amount of light it receives. We calculate energy generation metrics based on these metrics. Hence, we will need to see your building to give a fair estimation.

Why Gold Standard Commercial Roofing?

Installing Solar Roofing is technical and every step needs careful evaluation. We at Gold Standard Restoration are proud of our highly skilled craftsmen who have years of experience with solar roofs. The testimonials from our customers are proof of the hard work and dedication that our technicians have put in.

Our roofing expertise is the one you can swear by and we will be available during and after the roofing installations. Each customer is important to us and we want to make sure that your vision comes to you in the most practical form possible.

Feel free to contact us for your new roof installations, exterior remodeling, interior remodeling, and restoration services. We are always just a call away!

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