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Tenant Build-Out Chicago & Chicagoland

Tenant Build-Outs


Whether creating new office space, developing a retail marketplace, remodeling a restaurant, or fabricating any other tenant build-out project, Gold Standard Commercial Roofing offers the skills and services you need for a successful project.

For years, Gold Standard Commercial Roofing has been building and remodeling commercial projects, and there are few projects that we are willing to take on! From demolition to final inspection, our team of contractor professionals focuses on quality assurance while maintaining cost controls and managing scheduling constraints. We’ve earned a solid reputation across our region and an excellent record of successful tenant build-out projects.

Pros & Cons Of Tenant Build-Outs & What You Need To Know!

A build-out includes adding walls, doors, outlets, cabinets, and anything else that is constructed in the rental space. No matter what the lease says, the tenant always pays for the build-out. Most times, the rent of a tenant includes the cost of the build-out. If the tenant does not pay cash up front, the cost will be included in the rent throughout the lease term.

Landlords agreeing to a turnkey build-out will not risk losing money on it. Landlords will add a cushion to their cost estimates for their build-out when quoting the rent amount. If the landlord completes the work for less, the landlord enjoys the savings. However, the tenant still has to pay the higher estimated cost through its rent over time.

Before agreeing to a turnkey build-out into the lease, tenants should review every detail in the plans. Landlords and tenants should agree to every detail in advance, even locations of electrical, telephone, ethernet outlets, specific carpet style, wall coverings, and more. Tenants that don’t establish these details in advance and include them in the lease may have an unpleasant surprise when the work is complete!

Build-out Tips for Tenants

Before you take on a tenant build-out, make sure to evaluate your needs in order to save valuable time and money. For example, although a tenant may need high-quality carpet in high-traffic reception areas and hallways, a less durable carpet is adequate in offices.

The completion date may be important to some tenants, such as those whose lease is ending at their current location. If the completion date is important, it should be in the lease, stated clearly. There should also be an inclusion in the lease for significant consequences for failure to meet the deadline to encourage timely completion. At Gold Standard Restoration, our tenant build-out projects always work with tenants to ensure completion on the time stated.

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Landlords and tenants must take the time to agree together on what “completion” means for the project. Some localities may require a certificate of occupancy (CO) to ensure that building code requirements have been met before a tenant can occupy the space. Landlords frequently use the issuance of the CO to define “completion” at the end of the process. Work together to provide an adequate explanation of completion for all parties involved.

For the contractors completing the build-out service, it is vital that landlords and tenants agree on the lease upon expected construction quality. Leases frequently will require “builder standard” quality when it comes to the build-out. Before agreeing to any materials, tenants should determine what that term means. Even if other tenants’ build-outs are of acceptable quality, landlords could consider them to be better than building standards.

Learn More About Tenant Build-Out Services From Gold Standard Restoration


If you are a property owner or tenant in need of built-out services, contact the team with the most experience working on these kinds of unique projects. At Gold Standard Restoration, our team of skilled contractors has experience working with all parties involved in the build-out to ensure that all parts of the process are completed on time and to completion.

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Contact a team member at Gold Standard Restoration today to learn more about the process and to start a free consultation!

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