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TPO Roofing Contractors Chicago & Chicagoland



Thermoplastic polyolefin or, more commonly known as TPO, is a style of roofing used often in single-ply roofing methods and is used primarily in commercial trade buildings. While the name can be a bit misleading, this material is not plastic but, in fact, a very thin rubber. With that in mind, it is also a very inexpensive style of roofing that is becoming extremely popular with many business owners because it’s also a very inexpensive and easy installation process.

Many of the benefits of TPO roofing begin with the cost. Very cheap from the manufacturer and cheap while installing, the price is one of the many positives that come with this product. Thermoplastic polyolefin is also made and sold white, so it is very reflective, helping on a sunny day to reflect the heat coming into the building and keeping the cost of cooling the building down. This material, as mentioned before, is extremely easy to install as well. It can be sealed with adhesives or fastened directly to the deck. Another benefit is that it can be heat-welded into place and around other protrusions like chimney stacks or gas or water pipes coming through the top. TPO is resistant to corrosion and does not promote mildew or algae growth, which helps in the cleaning process and does not need to be pressure washed.

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However, even with all of these pros, the cons are a bit more substantial with TPO. Even though TPO is a very thin material that is easy to create, many reviews state that manufacturers everywhere have different creation process standards, and it does not come out all the same. This means that while one business owner may be extremely satisfied with their roof and the company that made it, another company may make a much more different style of it and the end result could be very different for your business. While thicker materials always seem like a better option for almost anything, with TPO, that is not always the case and has very little to do with the durability of this style of roof. Most TPO roofs all wear out at generally the same rate and, depending on how well the roof is maintained and taken care of, a good roof will last anywhere from 10 to 20 years.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that thermoplastic polyolefin is laminated on the top layer of the material and laminating any material can have its disadvantages. Many begin with the weak points it creates and how it cracks, shrinks and deteriorates over time. It is also made with a smaller width which, while installed properly, can still expand and contract which can cause the material to crack at the seam. This can create a potential hazard because of water that may leak into the roof through the cracks and cause a much more substantial and costly repair.

With Gold Standard Commercial Roofing, however, you can have the confidence that we will find the best product possible before installing anything and making sure that it will last as long as possible. Also, with proper maintenance and routine check-ups, many of these issues can be of no concern.

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